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We are a modern specialty stationery company that takes the invitation table out of the dusty back corner of the traditional card & gift shop by concentrating our focus on simple ordering and production of custom stationery and closely related graphic items.

Social & Personalized Stationery, Wedding & Party Invitations, Small Business Marketing, Bridal & Baby Shower Invitations, Mom/Blogger & Direct Sellers Organizational Planners Save the Dates & Greeting Cards.

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We are located in New York City, NY

Hours by appointment only

HOUSE OF BRIDES Maternity Bridesmaids dresses

HOUSE OF BRIDES Bridesmaids Dresses

Innovative creativity speaks directly to your client, guest or family member in ways that are meaningful and inspire them to take action.

At Instant Cardma, we develop insightful creative invitations, social stationery and client contact marketing that reflects your style and voice. Our designers are top-notch, and together we bring many years of experience to the table.

Do you have a creative idea in mind? Need some new marketing materials? Want to congratulate someone on a job well done? We can help. We’ll get to know you and your goals for reaching your customers and prospects. Then, we will create personal contact stationery, gift items  and planners that assist you in meeting those goals.

The IC team is also excited to announce that we are developing our Choo Choo Stationery division. Choo Choo will give you the best of our designs in a DIY format. We produce select creative fully printed designs each season at a discount to you because you assemble them. Look for those offerings to start in Spring 2015.

Whether you want full-scale contact campaign items or just need some help letting your family know that you value them, we will partner with you.